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CCCE 2020 Virtual Program Book

The Canadian Society for Chemistry’s annual event, the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (CCCE), has been at the centre of innovation for the chemistry community for over 100 years. As such the annual event plays an important role to allow chemical professionals to disseminate their research and develop collaborations. With over 1550 presentations and 370+ invited speakers, CCCE 2020 was slated to continue this legacy: it was offering a world-class scientific program spanning all areas of chemistry and their intersections with other fields of critical importance to our future, including quantum computing, health, and agriculture.

Despite the cancellation of the CCCE 2020 due to COVID-19, we are pleased to announce a new virtual program book to showcase the planned CCCE 2020 program and enable attendees to include this contribution on your CV/resume. We encourage you to explore this virtual program book and use it to reach out to other members of the community. Accepted presenters, whether for oral or poster presentations, will not be asked to prepare/deliver a presentation. Rather, this virtual program book will host the already-accepted abstracts for CCCE 2020 and will require no further action from planned attendees. All previously accepted participants are welcome to participate in this virtual program book at no charge. 

Please note: while the virtual program book includes dates and times, these are not presentation times but are simply used to separate sessions within the program to ease navigation. 

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As available, see each division page for a full listing of their symposia, organizers and invited speakers.