Information for Division / Symposium Organizers

Funding Streams

In general, there are 2 streams of sponsorship funds that support the CCCE:
(i) General, and; 
(ii) Subject division symposia and events.

Sponsors that are typically known to staff in the national office, the conference organizing committee (eg., local sponsors) or division organizers all fall under the first category. Funding from individual subject divisions arise from division and/or symposium leaders soliciting funds for specific events, activities or symposia. In some instances, sponsors after discussion with national office staff, may also direct some or all support to specific subject divisions, symposia and/or events (this funding falls under stream ii).

Use of funds

General funds support conference service operations (e.g., facilities, catering, financial and event management), overall programming (special symposia, workshops, career and professional development) and non-ticketed (open) events and amenities such as opening reception, poster session receptions, coffee breaks am/pm each day, head-shots, awards ceremony.

Funds directed to subject divisions/symposia and events are used to support keynote, invited speaker conference registration and/or travel expenses and hospitality as agreed/directed upon by the sponsor.

Sponsorship Process and Management

The sponsorship process is initiated and managed at two levels; the Conference Organizing Committee and Divisional.

Conference Organizing Committee
Targeted corporate sponsor types include:
(a) Central Sponsors;
(b) Central Partners, and;
(c) Strategic Partners. 

The conference organizing committee will generally take the lead on reaching out to Central Sponsors. If certain central sponsors could be better served through a coordinated approach with subject division(s), this should be discussed with the Conference Sponsorship Chair. A joint collaborative approach with the organizing committee will be used to reach out to identified Central and Strategic Partners. Please reach out to your division treasurers for any questions you have around who these sponsors / partners are.

Individuals participating in division symposia are all encouraged to engage and encourage sponsorship with potential sponsors. Naturally, doing so in a coordinated manner with consensus from division chairs and symposium group members will be more fruitful, productive and sustainable for this and future years. There is no one right way to engage prospective sponsors.  Some elements that you may wish to consider include the merits of sponsoring, company acknowledgement on the website depending on type and level of sponsorship etc. Your division treasurer can provide more information if needed.

Once a commitment has been made please direct (initiate/assist/complete if need be) your sponsor to fill out the Sponsorship / Exhibition Online Application on the conference website. It is important to note that the Sponsorship / Exhibition Online Application gives the sponsor the option of where the funds are directed: either to general conference support or directly to a subject division/symposium/event, or both. Make sure your sponsor is keenly aware of this and aware of what their funds are supporting.

Once the Sponsorship / Exhibition Online Application is completed and submitted, an invoice will be sent to the sponsor and copied to the CIC finance and division treasurers (if the latter was identified and entered in the application).


What are division or symposia sponsorships?

These sponsorships are different from general conference sponsorships. They are requested directly by division representatives or symposia organizers, and the funds go directly to the symposia or event in question rather than into the general conference budget. These sponsors will receive recognition (as "Symposium Sponsor") directly within the event being sponsored. Sponsors will also be listed in the appropriate category on the conference website.

What are general conference sponsorships?

General conference sponsorships are sponsorships secured by either the Canadian Society for Chemistry’s (CSC) staff, members of the sponsorship committee or by division/symposium organizers. These funds go towards supporting the overall conference. General conference sponsors receive sponsorship benefits and are shown as sponsoring general conference events or services such as coffee breaks or poster session receptions in lieu of being shown towards a specific symposium or event.

I have received a pledge from a sponsor for my symposia or division. What do I do?  Where do the funds get sent and how do I access them?

All sponsorships of division symposia and events (e.g., Inorganic Chemistry Mixer) will now go through the Sponsorship / Exhibition Online Application system and are copied to the appropriate division treasurer.

Please complete the online sponsorship / exhibition application by clicking on the below button.

How does my sponsor get recognized?

To ensure your sponsor is recognised appropriately, please complete the Sponsorship / Exhibition Online Application.

General conference sponsorship is recognized according the amount supported either by cash alone or a combination of cash and support to the conference in registrations, paper contributions, exhibit booth purchase, etc. See sponsorship tier table for more details. Learn more at Sponsorship Levels.

Division symposium and event sponsorship is recognised at the division, symposium, event, and appropriate recognition equivalent to the general sponsorship portion on the conference website.

Sponsors who provide support for both divisional and general sponsorship will have appropriate recognition at the division event and on the conference website.

Key contacts for questions:

Gregg Tomy – Conference Sponsorship Chair, UManitoba

Marie Laplante – Sponsorship & Exhibition coordination, CIC National Office staff