Industry Program

Academia and Industry working together: is it happening, and can it help reach global sustainability goals?


Marc Janes, NuChem Therapeutics (Industry liaison, CSC)
Andrew Martin, Gilead (MCIC)
Tim Clark, GreenCentre Canada (MCIC)
Ian Jobe, Chemical Institute of Canada, (Executive Director, CIC) 
Deborah Nicoll-Griffith, EndoParagon (President, CSC)

Contributed talks or participation in discussion panels for these special sessions are welcome, please contact us at:

The 2020 Industry Program focuses on sustainability and how all areas of chemistry have global impact. This includes discussing the interface of academic-industry collaborations and how these collaborations can catalyze the development and commercialization of technologies that address the UN’s sustainability goals. Given the importance to tap into a wide-reaching pool of resources to achieve the common goals, the fundamental principles of equity, diversity and inclusion are key.

The involvement of government entities for driving these issues forward with funding and other incentives is essential in a quickly evolving landscape. Success stories of collaborative research between industry/companies and academia, supported by government initiatives will serve as inspiration to drive a path toward sustainability.

Stay tuned for details regarding the Industry Program!

Commercializing Chemical Technologies Workshop

Innovators are constantly discovering promising new technologies and are driven to see them impact the world via the marketplace.  However, the majority of those from the academic community don’t understand how to meaningfully proceed down the entrepreneurial path.  This workshop will provide an illuminating overview of the opportunities and pathways that exist for budding entrepreneurs to commercialize chemistry-based technologies.  The four presenters, representing different points along the commercialization continuum, will examine problem-solving strategies for start-ups as well as resources that are available to support them.

Invited speakers:
Darren Fast
, University of Manitoba Technology Transfer Office
Adrien Côté, University of Waterloo/Velocity
Tim Clark, GreenCentre Canada
Boyd Davis, Kingston Process Metallurgy