Chemistry in Canada 2067 - Highlighting Undergraduate Research

Joe O'Neil, University of Manitoba

Contributed Pitch and Poster Presentations Welcome

Undergraduate research experiences are integral components of our strategies for training the next generation of chemists in Canada. Drawing inspiration from the Canada 2067 national initiative for science, technology, engineering and math education, the Chemistry in Canada 2067 session will showcase the future leaders of the Canadian chemistry community by highlighting the contributions made by undergraduate students in all areas of chemistry from across the country. The future starts now!

Building on the success of last year’s inaugural event in Quebec City, this special session will celebrate our top undergraduate researchers by providing a conference level platform for them to share their work. Twenty undergraduate students will be selected to present a 3-minute flash talk as a preview of their poster within the technical program of CCCE2020. Any undergraduate student may apply to become a Canada 2067 Scholar by submitting an abstract for a poster presentation within the technical session of their choice by March 31, 2020 and by selecting the option to be considered for the Chemistry in Canada 2067 distinction.

Please note, undergraduate students who wish to give an oral presentation in the technical sessions must submit their abstract by February 10, 2020.