It Gets Better: 2SLGBTQ+ in Chemistry

Tricia CarmichaelUniversity of Windsor (@myatomicnumber)
Nola EtkinUniversity of Prince Edward Island
James GauldUniversity of Windsor (@jwgauld)
John Hayward, University of Windsor (@johnjhayward)
Horace LuongUniversity of Manitoba 

Contributed talks for this special sessions are welcome

A session devoted to all voices within Equity, Diversity and Inclusion conversations.

Diversity is a fact; inclusion requires action.  Pride and positive space stickers are an excellent way to signal inclusion, but active engagement by all is how it gets better.  In this conference symposium, we bring together the 2SLGBTQ+ community and allies to establish a supportive network and discuss initiatives to improve inclusive culture in both industry and academia.  This symposium will feature presentations on student and faculty perspectives on the 2SLGBTQ+ community in Chemistry and showcase the achievements of some of our most successful scientists.  Panel discussions featuring EDI leaders from industry and universities will empower individuals, allies, bystanders, and institutions.